About Aqua Spirit

We at Aqua Spirit are passionate about delivering you the best value and exciting paddle board experience. By using some of the world’s most experienced stand-up paddle board specialist factories, we’re certain that no matter whether you’re a complete beginner, or seasoned paddle pro, you’ll find your perfect adventure companion with an Aqua Spirit SUP.

We constantly analyse the paddle board market and check that our specification meets the same level of performance as boards that retail at 3x the price of our own. Our SUP packages are bundled to the max with a fantastic array of great accessories to ensure you get the most from your boarding, right away. This way, we can always ensure we are offering you the greatest value, without sacrificing fun, or safety.

We realise that your time on the water is precious, so let us take the worry away by holding your safety at the heart of our design process and materials sourcing. Aqua Spirit boards are widely considered to be highly reliable, and is clearly depicted by our amazing communities’ reviews and feedback across the web. We offer a great warranty period, and we are fully committed to our Aqua Spirit owners by supporting you along the way with any questions you have, or if you experience any issues. Our UK-based customer support team promise to resolve any concerns in a timely and satisfactory manner. So, whether you’re looking for our classic Tempo board, an elevated SUP experience with our Barracuda range, the highest spec and accessories with our Blitz boards or looking for a specialist board which we’re exciting to launch in 2022, you can rely on Aqua Spirit to provide you a premium quality board at the best prices.

Aqua Spirit is a registered brand of USB International.

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